Residential Concrete Polishing Services

Concrete polishing is the perfect way to make the most of the floor you already have. Our team is excited to offer our professional concrete polishing services to homeowners around Minneapolis, MN, and the surrounding areas. When you want to improve the look of the concrete around your house, polished concrete is the best way to do it. We can handle all your concrete polishing needs, from the garage to the basement. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured to ensure that you’re receiving nothing less than the best in quality concrete flooring services.

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    Want to make the most out of your concrete?

    Make the switch to polished concrete flooring today!

    Concrete polishing is the perfect way to let your concrete be the star of your home! This process strengthens and densifies the concrete and leaves it with a glossy shine! Your concrete floors will look better than ever! Let our team help you make the switch to polished concrete today so you can get the most out of your floors!

    The Concrete Polishing


    The process for polishing your concrete floors begins by cleaning your existing concrete and inspecting it for damage like cracking or chipping. If any of this damage is present on your floor, we’ll repair it before continuing. Any minor blemishes, such as pitting or small holes, will not require repairs as they’ll be removed during the rough grind. We’ll repair cracks with an injectable epoxy filler to prevent them from spreading and fix chipping with a concrete patch.
    Once all necessary repairs are complete, we’ll start the rough grind, a three- to a four-step process that preps the concrete for the smooth polish. We’ll use a floor grinder fitted with a coarse, diamond grinding wheel and start with around a 30-grit wheel. With each pass we make, we’ll move to a finer grit until we reach a 150-grit wheel. Once we’ve finished the rough grind, we seal the concrete using an impregnating sealer. This sealer permeates the freshly ground concrete to protect it from the inside out. The impregnating sealer both strengthens and densifies the concrete, making it much more durable and long-lasting. After the sealer is in place, we can begin the fine polishing part of the process. This involves using the same grinder but fitted with a fine-grit polishing wheel. Our team will make four to five passes depending on the level of sheen you want for your floor. Typically, we start with around a 200-grit polishing wheel and switch to a finer grit with each pass we make. We finish your floor with a 1,500- or 3,000-grit wheel, depending on the desired sheen level. Once we’ve finished the fine polishing, your floor is ready to use! We’ll work with you from design to completion to ensure that your polished concrete floor is completed to your exact specifications, and we’ll answer any questions that you may have throughout this process! If you want to get started, give us a call, and we can set you up with a free, no-obligation estimate today!
    Customizing Your

    Residential Polished Concrete

    If you want more than a shiny gray finish for your home’s polished concrete floors, we’ve got you covered. Below are some of the various ways we can customize your floors!
    As polished residential concrete can be installed practically anywhere in a home with a concrete floor, many homeowners want to diversify that look to add some uniqueness to their homes. Luckily, there are several ways to customize your polished concrete to set it apart! If you want to add color to your polished concrete, we can do that through concrete stains. There are two types of concrete stains that are available to you, acid-based stains and water-based stains. Acid-based stains react with the concrete on a chemical level to impart permanent color, and they’re available in earth tones only. Water-based stains permeate the concrete’s surface to impart permanent color and are available in a wide variety of vibrant colors. We can use one or multiple stains to create a range of patterns, from unique, colorful designs to patterns that mimic high-end materials like marble. If you want to add some texture or more intricate patterns, we can incorporate stenciling or scoring techniques. These techniques can create a wide range of patterns, like tiled designs or custom geometric patterns. Whatever look you want for your polished concrete, we can handle it!
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    The Benefits of Polished Concrete

    There is a myriad of benefits that polished concrete has to offer homeowners. From its durability to its ease of maintenance, homeowners can enjoy benefits that save money, save time, and make life more comfortable overall. Below, you can see the various benefits that concrete polishing has to offer:

    Durability: The concrete polishing process strengthens your concrete, making it more durable. This increased durability allows polished concrete to withstand various impacts and abrasions without being damaged. These floors can also handle high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic without wearing down prematurely.
    Resistance: As the polishing process also densifies your concrete, it can resist chemicals and water. These substances can’t soak into the newly non-porous surface. Therefore, polished concrete is more resistant to staining and damage caused by chemicals and water.
    Ease of Maintenance: Polished concrete has a smooth, glossy surface that makes cleaning much easier and faster. All you need to do to keep your polished concrete looking crisp and clean is to sweep or dust mop daily, wet mop weekly, and spot as needed.
    Reflectivity: Polished concrete’s glossy finish has a remarkable, inherent ability to reflect light. This means that you can use less lighting in your house to achieve the same level of visibility. By using fewer lights, you can save money every month on your electric bill!
    Longevity: Thanks to the increase in durability and density that polishing provides to your concrete, it will last much longer. After having your concrete polished, it should last for 25 years or more before needing repairs or replacement!

    Sustainable: Polishing concrete is one of the few flooring options that produces little to no waste. You’re making the most out of the floor you already have. This means you’ll be avoiding tear-out waste and install waste, unlike traditional flooring systems, making polished concrete one of the most sustainable options on the market.
    Affordability: As concrete polishing doesn’t require to buy any extra flooring materials, you’re mostly paying for labor. This makes concrete polishing an incredibly affordable flooring solution!



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