6 Amazing Benefits of Polished Concrete

6 Amazing Benefits of Polished Concrete

Dec 7, 2020 | Concrete Polishing Tips

Polished concrete floors have gained immense popularity among home and business owners nationwide. You can find polished concrete everywhere, from homes to stores to factories.

So, why is concrete polishing such a popular flooring solution? We have the answers!

This flooring system provides a myriad of amazing benefits that home and business owners can take advantage of every day. In the article below, we’ll cover these benefits, and they can help you. Continue reading to learn more!

1. Enhanced Durability

The concrete polishing process strengthens and densifies your existing concrete. This results in a more durable floor that can handle various impacts, abrasions, and high volumes of foot and vehicle traffic.

By enhancing your concrete’s durability, you can save money by avoiding frequent repairs that would be normal for conventional flooring systems. Not to mention, this durability will allow your floor to stay beautiful for longer!

2. Increased Resistance

Polished concrete is highly resistant to a variety of damaging substances, such as chemicals and even water. Water is a significant contributor to bare concrete damage. The polishing process makes the concrete non-porous so water can’t seep into the floor.

Chemicals are also repelled by the floor, meaning that damage can be avoided as well as stains. This increased resistance will allow you to save money and time trying to get out stains and repair water damage.

3. Ease of Maintenance

Polished concrete is one of the most comfortable floors out there to maintain. The smooth, glossy surface eliminates dusting and can be quickly and effortlessly cleaned. This low-maintenance flooring option will allow you to save time and money, avoiding labor-intensive maintenance routines and expensive cleaning products that other traditional flooring systems require.

When maintaining your polished concrete floor, you’ll simply need a broom or dust mop, wet mop, bucket, and a pH-neutral floor cleaner. A dust mop is preferred due to its speedier and easier cleanup. Sweep or dust mop the floor daily, wet mop weekly, and spot mop as needed. With that simple maintenance regimen, your polished concrete will last for years!

4. Extended Longevity

Concrete polishing will extend the lifespan of your concrete significantly. As polished concrete can handle much more damaging factors than bare concrete or other conventional flooring systems, it’ll last longer!

On average, you can expect a properly installed and maintained polished concrete floor to last for 25 years or more! This lengthened longevity will allow home and business owners to make the most of their investment and utilize their floor for as long as possible!

5. Improved Energy-efficiency

The polishing process will increase the reflectiveness of your concrete by creating a high-gloss finish on the floor. This glossy surface will reflect light throughout your home or business. By reflecting so much light, you can use fewer lights in your space and receive the same amount of visibility! This means you can save money on your power bill every month by making your home or business more energy-efficient!

6. Cost-efficient Flooring

Not only is polished concrete an affordable flooring option as you’re making the most of the floor you already have, but you’ll be making the most of your investment as well! Thanks to the durability and longevity of polished concrete, your floor will last for decades without needing significant repairs or replacement.

This means that after your initial installation cost, you won’t have to put much more money into the floor for the majority of your ownership, making polished concrete one of the most cost-efficient flooring options available today!

Final Thoughts

Polished concrete is a smart flooring choice for any home or business owner. With benefits like enhanced durability, increased resistance, ease of maintenance, extended longevity, improved energy-efficiency, and cost-efficiency, it’s not a surprise that so many people are making the switch!